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3 Locations in Langkawi You Need to Visit via Jet Ski Tour

Nothing can compare to this adrenaline-charged journey, riding out on Jet Skis into the ocean equipped with life jackets and your longing for an adventure. Zoom into a lifelong memorable experience on your Jet Ski!

Snorkel and Sightsee in Pulau Beras Basah

The island’s name is directly translated into Wet Rice Island. The name’s origin came from a ship that belonged to a Sultanate of Kutai from Indonesia, carrying rice as cargo. This ship abruptly sank and over the years, the wet rice mounds turned into a white sandy island. 

Get your snorkelling urges satiated here at Pulau Beras Basah. The waters by this beach is saturated with diverse marine life. Watch the underwater life in action as schools of fish swim by your feet below you. There are also various multicoloured corals growing in different shapes. You can also have a relaxing soak in the shallow sea and frolic on the pristine beach sand for a maximum tropical experience. Enjoy the textures of the fine sand on this beach and the clear turquoise waters. Simply lounge around and absorb the serene views before you! 

Eagle Feeding in Pulau Singa Besar 

Although the name of the island is translated into Big Lion Island, ironically, there are no large lions here. However, the island is ridden with wildlife such as eagles, monkeys, hornbills, monitor lizards, mouse deers and peacocks. The folklore is that there was a villager who owned a lion as a pet that resided on the island. 

There will be an eagle-feeding session here where your tour guide will feed chicken skin to the white-bellied fish eagles and kite eagles. Watch as the graceful eagles glide above you and dive down with calculated movements. Witness their natural instincts in action as they swoop down to catch the chicken skin with their sharp beaks with the utmost precision. 

Tropical Forest and Freshwaters in Dayang Bunting Island

Dayang Bunting Island is named beautifully as the Pregnant Maiden Island as the island resembles the silhouette of a pregnant maiden. There is a large freshwater lake on the island called Tasik Dayang Bunting. Many years ago, a limestone cave collapsed, resulting in a body of water blocked from the ocean. 

It is the second largest island in Langkawi, housing various wildlife and a beautiful tropical forest for tourists to traverse through. You will need to hike up a mild incline of steps through a wet tropical rainforest to get to Tasik Dayang Bunting. Keep your eyes peeled because if you are lucky, you may also see wildboards here in the forest. Once there, you can see the calm waters of the lake, peaceful with the choirs of nature around you. Take a little dip in the lake surrounded by towering hills. The thick forest producing a lot of oxygen around the lake will be cooling to your skin. Watch out for your belongings here as the monkeys tend to be quite brave and will try to take a chance at acquiring food from your bags. 

When you’re Jet Skiing from location to location, watch out for beautiful rock formations crafted by nature. It can range from limestone, mudstones to sandstones, all are molded in the most unique ways. Usually the platforms of islands, they can be jagged out forming cliffs or concave inwards with limestones dripping from the ceilings of the caves. Your tour guide will point out outstanding scenic rock formations as well for your viewing pleasures. 

Take a chance at the 4 hour tour provided by WaveQuest where you will be visiting 3 locations to drop off at, and passing by another 5 scenic locations. The tour experience with your friends and family will be priceless!