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5 Reasons Why Langkawi Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot

Take a vacation in the serene island, Langkawi located in the Malacca Straits is a district and an archipelago of 99 islands. Five more islands appear each day during low tides bringing it to a total of 104 islands, getting covered over on high tide and the cycle continues. There are plenty of reasons why you should visit, but here are the top five!

Duty-free Island 

Langkawi has the duty-free status, which indicates that all prices in stores are reasonably cheaper than usual. So don’t worry if you didn’t bring any snacks with you. There are lots of convenience stores around with affordable prices to get your vacation cup noodle fill.

The most common items on largely discounted prices are alcohol and chocolate. Get some luggage space ready and shop til you drop!

Serene Landscapes

The scenery on Langkawi is simply heavenly. Everywhere you look could be an Instagrammable spot. Capture the natural landscapes off the coast of the island overlooking the beach and many smaller islands surrounding Langkawi. 

Ride out into sea to see the complex limestone formations, the various serene beaches and the 99 or 104 islands, depending on the height of the tide. The turquoise waters sparkled with white foam of the waves mixed accompanied with the forest greens and blue skies are candy for the eyes. Enhance its beauty during sunrise or sunsets where the whole island is washed over in hues of orange and yellow. 

Walk through the tropical rainforest as the trees tower above you in Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park. This place features a large freshwater lake that was once part of the ocean. This lake is segregated by a rock from the ocean surrounding it. Make sure you capture the interesting marble and limestone formations as well. 

Seafood and Street Food 

Langkawi offers a melting pot of delicacies so delicious, attracting both local and tourists alike. One of the noteworthy places to visit is the pasar malam (night market) food stalls that will be open during the evening until midnight for classic Malaysian street food. Not only can you find authentic Malaysian food here strewn across the island, but at most places, it is cooked into utter perfection! But their biggest highlight, reasonably since it is an island, is the drool-worthy seafood.

Taste the island by visiting the many seafood restaurants on the island. Wonderland Food Store has plenty of seafood dishes to choose from, including buttered lobsters, juicy fried calamari and steamed bass. 

Another restaurant, namely Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant, located at Pantai Cenang also serves the best fresh seafood such as tiger prawns and lobsters. Order their Tom Yum seafood soup paired with nasi goreng (fried rice) with a few jumbo prawns and you’re set for a good meal of the day.

Ridden with Wildlife

Animals prowl and swim throughout the island, proving itself to be rich with wildlife. During your escapades into rainforests, look out for monkeys which are fairly common to roam in the forest and wild boars. Be careful when interacting with animals, especially monkeys as they are known to steal your food. 

On your boat rides into the sea, keep your eyes peeled for marine wildlife. If you are lucky, you might even spot a pod of dolphins leaping out of the water. Visit marine parks and snorkel in the shallow waters to see colourful fishes and corals. 

Head to Langkawi Wildlife Park for a closer interaction with animals. There are feeding sessions and petting certain animals are allowed too! 


One of the many memorable experiences can be made through participating in the many water sports activities available on the island. Jet Ski island tours are the most popular go to sport as it incorporates both adventuring into the open seas and visiting multiple locations for the beautiful landscapes. 

It is a misconception that you need to be an adrenaline junkie for this sport but there are other relaxing activities to choose from too. For example, through parasailing you can get a dream view of Langkawi from high above as you soar into the sky, being carried by a large parachute. Although the lift off can be a little scary, ultimately the view will be worth it. 

Canoeing could also be an option for the weak-hearted. Opt for either mangrove or island tours as a guide brings you to multiple spots for your viewing pleasures. There are also boat tours for fishing or trolling available for the estranged fishermen. Relax on the boat and wait patiently to bring home your catch of the day.