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7 Items You Might Need for your Watersports Trip

Before travelling, we pack necessarily for our trip. Have you ever considered to pack specifically for a watersport activity that you booked for your family on the island? Take a quick run through our list to see if you have these items in your luggage bag!

Casual clothing

Considering the fact that you will be spending the day outdoors, wear something comfortable and suitable for a hot day. Thin and breathable materials are preferable as you will be sweating throughout the day. A plain T-shirt or a thin outerwear would be a go-to for watersport participants. 

Some watersport activities require transportation to a specific location in a speed boat ride. With the sea water splashing and the ocean winds whipping your face, you might get chilly. Wearing something with some coverage from the heat of the sun and the wind will help you feel more comfortable on the boat. 


It is a no-brainer that a swimsuit is an essential piece to the watersport puzzle. All watersport activities will be on the water. Even if activities such as parasailing and stand-up paddleboarding where you might not touch the water, there might be a possibility where you might get wet so it is better to be prepared. 


Not only does the sun causes unwanted tanning but also painful sunburns on unprotected skin. Make sure you bring a sunblock of about SPF 50 protection for your face and SPF 100 for your whole body. Sunblock with SPF 50 and above will ensure at least 98% of UVB (ultraviolet B) rays are blocked from the sun. So make sure you have this packed to prevent yourself from being the colour of a tomato and burnt to a crisp by the end of your trip.


Throughout your day, you might be in and out of the water depending on the activity. Bringing a towel could be handy to dry off when you get on and off a banana boat or a water ski. On Jet Ski tours, a towel may be handy as well if you are dropped off at a beach side and lounge on a beach towel. 

Mineral water

For longer watersport activities, bring a bottle of mineral water to drink for yourself. Check with your tour guide whether the tour will provide one for you. If not, make sure you bring your own. Especially tours with longer hours, you may get dehydrated after a while. 


We do not encourage you to bring your phones as we are not liable for anything that you happen to lose during your trip with us. However, you could bring your phones because there is no better way than to experience something extraordinary and document it so you may relive it in the future. You could take videos or photos along the way to remember how you felt during your watersport experience.

Hence, if you do bring your phone along with you for the ride...

Waterproof bag / plastic bag

Please protect it with a waterproof bag! Stuff all your precious belongings in a small backpack or a waterproof bag or plastic bag. Things get wet easily on any vessel, be it a speed boat, canoe, stand-up paddle board, jet ski. Be responsible for your items to prevent any damages that may occur, despite being surrounded by the ocean. 

Finally, be reasonable about what you pack for the watersport activity you have booked. Weigh in how much time you will spend watersport-ing and then pack accordingly. Check with the person in charge on what is provided and coordinate what you should bring with them. All in all, strap in with everything you have prepared and be ready to have fun!