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6 Must Try Watersports in Langkawi

Amongst the many types of sports on water, there are a few that can definitely highlight your trips’ experience in Langkawi. Watersports activities are not just for people who love the thrill but there are also a few available for the weak-hearted. 

Jet Ski

Ride into the open waters and make your sea exploration dreams come true with a Jet Ski. The handles and the seat of a Jet Ski resemble a motorbike on water with a strong floatation device to keep you afloat and an engine to ramp over strong waves. Strapped with a life jacket, speed will be within your own control as you zoom into turquoise waters. Try out some stable but aggressive turning as well and create waves from your turning. Enjoy your ride but be careful to not overturn your vehicle as a penalty might be charged for a broken vehicle. 

Watersport companies in Langkawi will offer Jet Ski tours, bringing you to captivating islands around Langkawi such as Pulau Beras Basah to snorkel, Pulau Singa Besar for eagle feeding and Pulau Dayang Bunting to see a freshwater lake. 

Water Ski

Can your leg muscles endure the inertia of water skiing? Test your balance on the surface of the water while being pulled behind a boat with extreme speed. You will be grabbing a railing tied to the boat, with each foot balanced on their own skis. Not only do you need to balance, but you also have to push against the waves coming towards you. This sport is especially recommended for the adrenaline junkies who are looking for an escapade out in the sea. 


Here’s something for the travellers who prefer to sightsee - parasailing! Glide in an open parachute high above Langkawi to get the best view of the island. A boat will be ready to take you from the port to the open seas. You will be strapped up in a harness and life jacket before flight to ensure your utmost safety. Before long, your worries of the world will fade away as you float into the sky with the waves lapping below. Feel gentle winds in your face as you absorb the beauty that lies in front of you.

Banana boat

This sport is for the group seeking a quick round of fun. Passengers will first sit on a yellow boat shaped like a goofy banana. The banana boat will be pulled by a motorboat driven by our experienced staff trained to cause many overturns. Hang on to dear life as the banana boat swivels left and right. Fight against inertia of the waves against the banana boat and see who loses their grip first! 


Canoeing is for those who seek a more slow-paced expedition whilst enjoying nature. Passengers are in control of their own movement as they have to row with double-sided paddles towards the desired direction. With proper coordination, the rowers may move forward fairly quickly. It is a slightly slower-paced watersport but it could grow to be intense if the tide gets strong. Watersport companies will provide tours on the ocean and in the mangroves.


Stand up paddle boarding is the ultimate test of balance and stamina. Utilize your arm strength and persistence to row with the one-sided paddle while standing up. It is quite a taxing sport and will cause fatigue quickly without proper practice. By renting an SUP board from watersport companies, you will be allowed to take it into the open waters with a tour guide watching you. Stand open-legged with a bigger surface area to make sure you have ultimate balance to fight against the oncoming waves!

There are many watersport companies around Langkawi providing various tours and rentals so keep your eyes peeled for them if you’re interested!