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Summer In Langkawi!

After 3 months of rainy days, the sun is finally here to stay and the days will be hot, but not too humid. Sunscreen during this period in Langkawi is a MUST and wearing a hat is highly recommended when you’re outside.

Weather in Langkawi is not like this all year round though, which is why tourists who are taking advantage of the travel bubble and flocking to our island are lucky. Our island officially opened to domestic travel on the 16th of September, and Langkawi international borders were opened on the 15th of November. The sudden burst of life is extremely good for our island after almost 2 quiet years and it is about to get very busy in Langkawi.

If you’re planning to travel to Langkawi soon, here are some things you need to know about our island weather as well as safety against COVD-19 in Langkawi.




Our hot and dry months are generally from December right through March. This is the best time to travel to Langkawi as very little rainfall is expected during these months. From now until the end of January, the weather in Langkawi is exceptionally good because of the phenomenon that locals refer to as “angin timur”, or East wind. It is believed that the change of wind in this time brings in cool wind from the east, resulting in cool mornings and very pleasant evenings. We highly recommend camping on the beach in this time while you roast marshmallows over a small bonfire!

Best things to do in Langkawi from December - March:

  1. Camping in Tanjung Rhu beach
  2. Jetski island hopping around Langkawi
  3. Stand up paddle boarding at Pantai Tengah and Tanjung Rhu
  4. Kayaking around Langkawi
  5. Hiking Langkawi’s peaks and mountain ranges like Matchinchang and Kilim
  6. Cliff diving with Wave Quest watersport
  7. Parasailing to catch the gorgeous Pantai Tengah sunset from above
  8. Snorkeling & diving around Langkawi waters
  9. Sunset cruise
  10. Go-karting at Morac Adventure Park

Things to note:

Look out for jellyfish when swimming in Langkawi waters in December, at the end of the monsoon season. It is advised that you wear long swimming tights for activities such as stand up paddle boarding and swimming to lessen your risk of getting stung by jellyfish. If you do get stung, seek medical help immediately. It would also be wise to carry around mosquito repellent with you.




In this time, the island starts to wind down as tourists numbers get smaller. The weather will still be hot but there will be some amount of rain. It is advised to check weather forecasts on apps like Windy during your stay here so you can be ready for wet days. This is still a good time to visit Langkawi because hotel rates will generally be lower and you’ll get to avoid the high season crowd.

Best things to do in Langkawi from April - July:

  1. Jetski island hopping around Langkawi
  2. Stand up paddle boarding at Pantai Tengah and Tanjung Rhu
  3. Kayaking around Langkawi
  4. Hiking Langkawi’s peaks and mountain ranges like Matchinchang and Kilim
  5. Cliff diving with Wave Quest watersport*
  6. Parasailing to catch the gorgeous Pantai Tengah sunset from above*
  7. Snorkeling & diving around Langkawi waters*
  8. Sunset cruise
  9. Go-karting at Morac Adventure Park


Things to note:

As a multiracial, multicultural country, Malaysia celebrates a multitude of festivities throughout the year! The holy month of Ramadan may fall during this period of time, which means that a lot of eateries may not operate during the day. One thing to look forward if you visit Langkawi during fasting month are our colourful Ramadan bazaars, where you get to taste the yummiest local fare at bargain prices.




Wet! End of September is when the monsoon season in Langkawi really starts and this could go on well into early December. Visitors coming to Langkawi in this time should be prepared to indulge in indoor activities, or brave the risk of rain during outdoor activities.

Best things to do in Langkawi from August - November:

Take surfing classes with Langkawi Surf Community*

Visit the National Art Gallery*

Indulge in Langkawi’s world-class spas

Learn how to make your own ceramic bowl at Ilham Ceramics*

Paint batik while sipping on a fresh cup of latte at Mawart (they have dessert too!)*

Things to note:

For adventurous souls who won’t let a little bit of rain stop you, it is important to remember that Jabatan Perhutanan Langkawi (Langkawi Forestry Department) requires all hikers and campers to obtain a permit from the office. You must do this even if you are planning to hike or camp in the dry seasons. It is likely that the authorities won’t allow outdoor activities during certain times, and this depends on the severity of the weather. A good tip is to check in with the Langkawi Hikers Facebook group before planning an outdoor adventure.




The best time to visit Langkawi, in our opinion, is anytime that:

  • Doesn't fall on a public holiday
  • During the dry season
  • Is not in the middle of high season

….which means that this is probably between the months of March and May. In this period, the weather will be fair and hotel prices will be low. You’ll also be likely to get good deals on holiday activity packages plus, the island won’t be so crowded!

Wave Quest watersports is open all year round and we would love to take you on an exhilarating sea adventure to explore the lesser-known parts of Langkawi. Our guides are well trained and are familiar with Langkawi seas so they’ll know the best spots to take you, depending on the time of the year. At the end of every trip with us, you are guaranteed to have a FREAKING AWESOME experience. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our adventures!




Of course, it is crucial that you maintain all SOPs while you visit our island. For foreign visitors, make sure you have the MySejahtera app downloaded and ready to scan the QR codes before entering any premise. Your vaccinations need to be up to date or you may be denied entry to places; be ready to show proof of vaccination if you are asked by authorities. The wearing of mask is also mandatory when in public places.

As of time of writing, foreign visitors who come to Langkawi via the Langkawi Travel Bubble are required to:

  • do RT-PCR test 2 days before departure from origin country
  • do RT-PCR test on arrival in Langkawi
  • receive Digital HSO (Home Surveillance Order) and will be allowed to go to the hotel while waiting for test results

Additional testing requirements:

  • Professional RTK-Ag test must be done on Day 3 and Day 5 in Langkawi
  • RT-Ag self-test on Day 2, Day 4 and Day 6 (must report test result on MySejahtera app)
  • RT-PCR test 2 days before leaving Langkawi


Langkawi Fast Drive Thru Testing Centre

Langkawi has a drive-thru centre just minutes away from Langkawi International Airport where visitors can get tested without getting out of the convenience of your own vehicle. You can choose the option of getting your PCR results in 1 hour or under 4 hours after your test is done.

The drive-thru centre is opened from 9am-5pm everyday. Find out more at